Homemade Beauty Tips For Black Neck

Home Made Beauty Tips Black Neck

Not a lot of people will think about it (until it happens, of course), but honestly, having smooth, radiant skin is no use if you have darkened, rough skin at the neck area. A black neck, some might call it. And it’s nothing but unsightly that you’d be conscious to cover it up as much as possible. Is there any way that you can treat the issue for good? Read on to find out more.

For a start, what causes the neck to darken? Just like other parts of your skin, a black neck issue is caused by several reasons, and one of them is poor hygiene. Lacking attention to the area can certainly cause the neck to darken more than other areas.

While other factors include pollutants from the environment, autoimmune disorders, fungal infections, hormone-related factors, weight issues and/or diabetes, and of course, prolonged exposure to the sun.

Take note of what really causes your skin to darken, and you can try out one of the ways listed right here to deal with the issue for good.

Homemade DIY recipes for dark neck

Potato juice is one of the popular ways to lighten dark skin, and this can be a wonderful remedy to treat your black neck issue. All you need is to extract the juice from sliced potatoes and apply onto the skin, letting it dry before washing it off. Potato juice contained skin-brightening enzyme known as catecholase that will lighten the skin, and it works to even out skin texture as well.

You can also use olive oil as a body oil to massage it onto the neck. Olive oil is high in vitamin E and it’s a type of vitamin that nourishes the skin, aid in skin repair, and inhibits pigmentations within the skin, that will eventually lighten up the skin tone.

Yogurt is also a wonderful remedy to treat black neck and thanks to the texture, you can make it into a paste while it works it’s magic for your skin. Yogurt is high in lactic acid and it works to exfoliate the skin gently, revealing healthier, brighter ones underneath. Simply use it as a mask once a day until you can see the results.

One of my favorite remedies, using a potent spice as turmeric to lighten the skin. All you need to do is to mix enough turmeric powder with water until it becomes a paste and apply onto the affected area and let it dry, before washing them off. Keep in mind that the spice may sting the skin so if it’s too much you can always wash it off as soon as possible.

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