Remedies For Dry Itchy Beard

Dry itchy beard can be very uncomfortable. A lot of men experience this unpleasant combination of dryness and itchiness too. The hair that grows out of the face, just like the hair that grows out of the head, is controlled by hormones.

Thus, it is not unusual for the beard to be dry and itchy every now and then.

You should know what to do about dry itchy beard and not just accepting it as something to live with. By incorporating simple practices into your beard care routine, your beard can go from itchy and uncomfortable to fully healthy. In this article, we cover simple practices you can include into your beard care routine to manage dry itchy beard.

We should mention that your beard can get dry and itchy at any point. Dryness and itchiness are not characteristic of any beard growth phase. Here are our home remedies for dry, itchy beard.

Wash your beard

Dry and itchy beard can be managed by proper face hygiene. It is easy to assume that you’re maintaining proper face hygiene until you pay close attention.

Washing your beard differs from regular bathing. When you wash you beard, you are paying particular attention to it and ensuring that it stays healthy. A simple remedy for dry, itchy beard is to wash your beard at least once a day.

Wash your face and beard with a product specifically meant for beard care. Products meant for beard care are specially formulated to keep the face and face healthy and discourage the buildup of materials that can cause itchiness and dryness.

Beard shampoos are also not as harsh as regular shampoos. Using a regular shampoo may just put your beard in as much risk as it initially was without the washing.

Condition your beard

Washing and conditioning play separate roles in beard care and hygiene. Washing keeps the beard clean and creates healthy growth conditions. On the other hand, conditioning keeps the beard soft and healthy.

Overall, beard itchiness is a result of the irritation of the skin by the beard. Since conditioners soften beards, they can directly reduce itchiness. While you can also opt for a regular conditioner, beard conditioners are designed for maximum benefits. Taking optimal care of your beard and face requires pairing washing with conditioning. As often as you can, condition your beard after washing it.

When moisturizing your beard, apply the conditioner generously and deliberately. If you have a full and long beard, be sure that all edges are covered with the conditioner.

Moisturize your beard

Moisturizers are designed to lock moisture in, prevent dryness, and help prevent itchiness. Natural products that make excellent beard moisturizers include jojoba oil and argan oil.

Olive oil is another great option for moisturizing facial hair and keeping it healthy. You can also use essential oils with your moisturizer. Essential oils will contribute to your beard and facial health as they have anti-inflammatory properties.  

Scrub your beard

Your beard can itch because of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair grows into the hair follicle instead of out of it towards the exterior. Hair grows in this opposite direction because of the difficulty in breaking through the skin. This atypical process thus can cause serious itching.

Scrubbing help to remove dead cells and redirect the growth. A loofah or exfoliating brush is great for scrubbing beards. Add water to baking soda to make a paste. You could also add sea salt. Scrub your face gently to avoid causing undue harm to it.

Avoid bathing with hot water

Keeping your face clean is a basic step for preventing beard itchiness and dryness. The measures you adopt while cleaning your face will influence the overall results. You should follow up cleaning your face with paying closer to how to wash your beard and bathe.

Hot water does more harm than good to the skin. Learn to avoid using excessively hot water to bathe. The use of hot water contributes to skin dryness. A dry skin loses its natural oils and becomes itchy. This is why we are highlighting the importance of not bathing with hot water along with bathing regularly.

Keep your face dry

After washing your face or taking a bath, you should always remember to dry it. This is one simple step that can turn your facial health around for the best. Keeping a dry face requires much more than a quick clean with a towel. Always ensure that your beard and the underlying skin are dry.

Keep your face and beard dry helps to create an unfavorable condition for the growth of the bacteria that can contribute to the itchiness. The itchiness associated with a wet beard and face is also associated with the materials in hard water. If you do not dry your face properly and the minerals such as calcium and magnesium settle on it, irritation can occur.

Use beard oil

Beard oil is an essential part of beard care. Beard oils are specially formulated to play different roles that are an essential part of basic beard care. A beard oil has moisturizing effects. Beard oils discourage the development of dandruff.

Beard Oil set

Beard oil also discourages the development of ingrown hair. You can get beard oils in any of the numerous scents and according to your skin specifications. For dry skins, there are beard oils designed to provide extra moisture and improve health.

Trim and brush your bread

Trimming and brushing of your bread helps to reduce that irritants that cause itching. Facial hair can easily carry irritants from daily activities. When you keep it trimmed and remove the scraggly ends, you keep off irritants and reducing the itching.

As long as you have attained your desired beard length, trimming should be regular to discourage the development of ingrown hairs. Regular trimming also keeps stray hair away. Stray and ingrown hair are bound to cause itching.

Regular trimming can go a long way in keeping your hair itch free. You can choose between electric scissors, manual razors, and electric razors for achieving regular trimming. According to experts, electric razors give the most even results and are easier to use.

Apply beard balm

Beard balm plays a strategic role in beard and facial health, different from beard oil and conditioner. It is especially important for dry and itchy beard because it keeps provides extra moisture.

The components of beard balm that provide this extra moisture include cocoa butter and beeswax. Men with long and full beard especially benefit from beard balm.

Stay away from chemicals

An undue exposure to different chemicals can cause beard itchiness and dryness. This is why you should avoid the extra exposure to chemicals that comes from some products.

When shopping for beard products, look out for those with natural ingredients. By simply cutting off chemicals, you can significantly improve your beard and facial health.

Beard itchiness and dryness are experienced by a lot of men. Although, there might be underlying conditions, home remedies such as those mentioned above can provide major relief.

The home remedies we highlighted are all part of essential for health beard development. Even if you do not get complete relief, because of underlying conditions, you will definitely have healthier facial hair. Be sure to consult a doctor if relief is not forthcoming.

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